VivaMayr Maria Wörth

Along the shoreline of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes (if not the world’s most beautiful lake), Lake Wörthersee, sits a holistic health clinic, VivaMayr. The clinic, which focuses on four principles to wellness:

  1. Destressing
  2. Cleansing the organs
  3. Training as a factor in healing
  4. Substitution

Prominent physician Dr. F.X. Mayr found that long-term health stems from a healthy gut. Chewing our food between 30-50 times for each mouthful and eating the right food improves our gut health.

Modern Mayr doctors have expanded the principles of Dr. F.X Mayr and the Mayr Cure to create Modern Mayr Medicine. The results can be brighter skin, more energy, better digestive health, a flatter stomach and happiness from within. Prominent clients include Kate Moss, Christian Louboutin, Elizabeth Hurley, and Karlie Kloss. Locations of VivaMayr include Maria Wörth and Altausse for medical centers. Day clinic locations are in Vienna and London.

Treatments include a range of personalized medical treatments, water therapy (hydrotherapy), movement therapy (physical activity), lab infusions (vitamins), massage therapy, oxygen therapy, nutritional consultation, and cryotherapy. All of the treatment programs are bespoke and intended to fit your personal needs.

What are the ways to get there? From Zurich, there are nonstop flights to Ljubljana, Slovenia. VivaMayr is about a 50 minute car ride away in Austria. Alternatively, you can fly to the Klagenfurt, Austria airport from which the resort is a 20 minute ride away. My mother is from Klagenfurt and visiting via the flight to Klagenfurt might be best.

What is the cost? An all inclusive experience is 5,000-7,000 EUR. One week is the minimum recommended time that you should stay at the resort, and also, a calmer, less busy time is recommended for before and after your stay to help you ease into the process of wellbeing at VivaMayr.

Many fans of the treatments say that VivaMayr is more of a lifestyle than a destination. The treatment methods and lifestyle changes are easily integrated into your everyday life to improve your quality of life and health outcomes.

Karlie Kloss at VivaMayr modeling for Vogue

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