My WFH Beauty Routine

After my everyday skincare routine, there are simply four products that I need for my new revamped work from home beauty routine that I have lived into since the beginning of this crisis (mascara definitely optional these days!)… I use the fantastic Revlon PhotoReady Candid Glow foundation to cover up any imperfections and it works wonderfully under the eyes, it has a moisturizing texture and it doesn’t smudge that easily. I noticed it has great staying power and works well as a concealer. Rather than applying foundation all over my face as I usually do, I have now been using this foundation as a light concealer over my moisturizer which lets my skin breathe a bit more.

Another change that I made which is significant, I stopped religiously putting on lip liner. I love lip liner, but I realized it’s not always the best look for me and with wearing a face mask, it’s not even worth applying that much product to put a face mask over. These days, I apply a pop of color lipstick without any lip liner (my go-to color has been Milani Cosmetics in Rose Hip) which is a lovely pink shade that works well for any season, but especially lovely in summer.

I brush my eyebrows with a spoolie as always, but no gel or eyebrow products anymore, because less is more. If I really want to go the “extra mile” on a certain day, I can apply Burt’s Bees nourishing mascara. Sometimes, I’ll take a light pink lipstick (Clinique’s Watermelon is a good option for my skintone) and put a couple smudges on my cheeks and spread out as a natural looking cream blush!

There you have it! I hope this experience has allowed you to rethink your beauty routine, allowing you to feel at your best, even if it’s for a Zoom call.

xx Bianca

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