Rosy Conversation with Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez is a rising star in the fashion industry. The beautiful Los Angeles based GUESS model took time to answer a few questions for Rosy BVM related to some of her experiences in the modeling industry, being a new mom, her belief in the importance of sharing your authentic self on social media, and how a healthy body image is associated with living a happier, more fulfilling life. Amanda is an example of a happy, working mother who chooses to share her life with her many followers in an authentic and believable way.

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Thank you, Amanda!

xx Bianca

The Interview

Bianca: Did you always want to pursue modeling? 

Amanda: I actually did not always want to pursue modeling or grow up thinking it was going to become such a passion of mine. (Although since being a young child I always loved being in front of the camera!) Before professional modeling I went to school for pharmacy, worked as a pharmacy technician and planned on continuing schooling to become a pharmacist. 

Bianca: Were you ‘discovered’ or how did your career begin? 

Amanda: It’s funny but GUESS actually discovered me on Instagram of all places! Since that experience and working with them, I realized how passionate I am about modeling. Social media can open so many doors for people. 

Bianca: You were a GUESS model in the 2018 campaign.  Was this a turning point in your career? 

Amanda: Definitely! Working with such an iconic brand is a great way to find your footing in this industry. I always feel so happy when people message me campaign billboard photos till this day around the world. It’s an incredible feeling! 

Bianca: You recently had a child, congratulations! What is your favorite part about being a mother? 

Amanda: Thank you so much. I am blessed to have her. I would say my favorite part of being a mother is being able to create a happy childhood for her or give her certain things I missed out on when I grew up. 

Bianca: You express some of your difficult and personal experiences on your Instagram page in an authentic way, which I think sets you apart from other models who choose to display their modeling photos and never show another side to them. When did you realize sharing another side of you to your followers was an important thing to do? 

Amanda: I think it’s extremely important to share real moments on social media. Nowadays it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the airbrushed and filtered moments and we forget that no ones life is as perfect or even “put together” as it seems on their Instagram. We are all human beings with struggles and issues and I believe it’s so important for me to express more than pretty images, but my true thoughts, feelings and experiences in hopes it can help someone else out there to know they are not alone! 

Bianca: You are going to speak soon at a virtual summit about the topic of ‘beauty as a spiritual practice’ at the “I Am Why” project. Can you give us an idea of why this topic means so much to you? 

Amanda: Self love and self care can mean something different to everyone but it is extremely important to all of us. It recently has become a part of my everyday life. I’ve struggled most of my life with truly loving myself but I have realized self love is a state of mind. 

Bianca: Since the fashion industry is evolving, but it clearly has a ways to go in terms of full representation, what do you think is most important about promoting a healthy body image?

Amanda: It’s so important for our mental health to not conform to unhealthy body standards promoted by the fashion industry or social media in general. A motto I’ve lived by which helped get me through my share of rejection in this industry is this: I refuse to conform my body to fit the fashion industry, but rather change the industry to better suit ME.

For so long in modeling we were told you had to be strictly stick thin, size 00, and 6 feet tall to be successful. I see times are changing, “waif modeling” is almost now archaic. 

Although, being naturally 00 and naturally tall is beautiful and should NOT be shamed, it is important to remember that not everyone can achieve that body type and I don’t agree with the fashion industry rejecting healthy bodies that don’t appear that way and pressuring them to look that way when I believe a petite, average or curvier body type can be just as marketable to consumers. 

Bianca: Have you been on a photo shoot location that you enjoyed most? 

Amanda: Honestly, the shoots I enjoyed the most or remember the most were not because of location but were because they were with a positive and supportive team that had me laughing the entire time! 

Bianca: Where are you from originally? 

Amanda: I was born in New York! But I lived in a few different states in the US growing up and never really felt like I could call any of them a “hometown.”

Bianca: What is one message that you think is critically important to share with your daughter and to other young girls and women that you have learned and want to share? 

Amanda: You are beautiful. Other people’s expectations of you or beauty standards don’t mean anything. If you are healthy and happy, that’s what matters most. You can achieve your goals and do anything you set your mind to, even if it seems impossible and even if some people reject you or tell you no or don’t support you. Don’t stop believing in yourself. 

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