Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics

As a long time beauty secret devotee, I am constantly scouring the marketplace to find the next beauty innovation: to not only pursue trends, but to find innovative beauty products that have great price points and also are beautiful pieces to put on a vanity. Enter Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics. This brand’s edgy name and rosy style is exactly what contemporary shabby chic lovers look for… this beauty brand does not encompass one singular beauty style (i.e. only classic makeup looks or only edgy and contemporary looks).

This brand allows you to lean into realizing life’s contradictions and living them out in any way you please (who said you can’t wear a rose print dress with a cat eyeliner?) Pretty Vulgar is a forward thinking brand that also appreciates classic and vintage style. This is a U.S. based company, available at Sephora, and in Europe it’s now available from Douglas Cosmetics. As they say, “Embrace your beautiful contradictions.”

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