Chic Spot: Élan Café London

Elan cafe on Brompton Road in London - interior designed by Holland Harvey Architects.

The chicest spot to be this holiday season (if you’re in London, that is) is Élan Café, a lovely destination to experience the “rosy life” firsthand.  The café brings back the lost experience of cafés being a cultural destination, which should be cultivated again all over the world.  Coffee is not just a commodity, but an experience.  Alexandra Miller, the owner and founder, has a background in fashion, where she has been able to transfer her cultivated tastes to the café experience, stating that she is “…passionate about wellness.”  The café is partnered with Union Roasters, Britain’s first roasters to source beans directly from farmers, which include suppliers from Costa Rica, Rwanda, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.  At Élan, you will find no shortage of drinks to choose from and bites for breakfast, as well as an array of pastries and cakes.  Their commitment to ethical farming practices adds a rosy undertone to a lovely spot to enjoy coffee with your friends and loved ones!  A definite go-to when in London.


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