Bianca’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


Hi, loves!  Here is my Holiday Gift Guide for 2018: a list of ideas for gifts for family and friends.

American Red Cross Donations for California Fire Victims: It’s an extreme situation here in California at the moment, and donations to the victims are essential.  With the holidays quickly approaching, this is an important contribution to the thousands of families affected.

Voluspa Candles: These candles are my all-time favorite.  Each of the scents are so wonderfully pungent, I am a long time fan of these.  Peninsula Beauty carries these in San Francisco, and Amazon also carries a large collection of Volsupa candles.  My favorite scent is the Goji Tarocco Orange, but all of the scents are quite lovely.

Book of the Month Club Subscription: For reading lovers, Book of the Month Club is the most classic way of inspiring reading in your family and friends.  The book selections are so creative and the novels that you can choose from are all current, so it’s a great way to stay plugged into what’s happening in the publishing industry and stay on top of the hottest bestsellers.  I highly recommend, it’s a great gift, and you can buy a range of subscriptions, so they don’t just offer annual, but 3-month subscriptions, which is also a nice gift!

VENUS ET FLEUR Roses: It goes without saying, I’m all about roses, but more recently, I’ve become super impressed with the plethora of flower arrangement companies that can last up to a year in how they are preserved.  The single rose, “Lé Mini,” from VENUS ET FLEUR is a great accessory to any room in your home from a side table in your living room to your vanity or nightstand!  They come in every color imaginable as well.

Pearl Bath Bombs: I can guarantee one of your girlfriends is all about having bath bombs and taking baths, and what’s especially awesome of these?  Each bath bomb has a ring!  These rings are no joke either – they range in value, and some can be valued at up to $5,000.  That’s not bad for a $15 bath bomb.  I still don’t understand how they do this, but it’s great, so I’m not asking questions…

Kendra Scott Jewelry: For the bestie, it’s always nice to splurge a bit more.  Kendra Scott has a fantastically extensive range of mid-priced jewelry.  From statement pieces like large earrings to dainty necklaces and matching bracelets, you can find a piece that can add an elegant statement to any outfit.  Sofia Vergara is a big fan of the brand’s earrings!

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection: Kylie Cosmetics keeps getting more refined with their color combinations; seriously, it’s like each palette is a new kind of genius in how the colors are combined, ranging from super bold pigment to bronze and mauve tones.  What is especially great is Kylie Cosmetics is now available in-store at Ulta Beauty (beauty lovers rejoice), so you can check out the full range in store – if it doesn’t sell out in 15 seconds.  This time around, I’m loving on the adorable snowflake packaging, it’s like they’re wrapped already 😉

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