The Feminine Full Moon

At the beginning of each year, I am cognizant to take note of which dates the Full Moon are each month. I enjoy paying attention to those nights because I do think there is a deep spirituality associated to the Full Moon. The Full Moon is important for many reasons. For myself, I have created my own “Full Moon ritual” which includes meditation with crystals and journaling on that night. It’s a relaxing ritual that’s intended to focus on reflecting on my own life, and also, honoring how powerful the moon is. It presides over all of us, the moon is a special planet to honor. Something I like to think about during my full moon ritual is the connection the full moon has to our oceans and how the ocean never stops in movement. It is never still. The universe is alive.

The Full Moon is a gift to enjoy we should all slow down for it. I find that our prana (life energy) is most pronounced when we slow down and just breathe, and this is in any moment. That is our purest state: just being. Allowing the full moon to be a prompt for engaging in our pranic energies is incredibly important for our well-being. In essence, a full moon is a great reminder to slow down and appreciate the gift of our lives.

The moon and femininity are akin. Supposedly in ancient times, it was ‘said that the natural rhythm of women was to menstruate under a new moon and to ovulate under a full moon.’ (Secret Sisterhood) The bodily connection we have to the moon is a fascinating one. Being at peace with ourselves is when we are most conscious (most alive). We can all do this by simply slowing down and being grateful for the little things in life. It is cliché, but as they say, the little things are the big things in life. The Full Moon is the perfect reminder for that.

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