We Have Snow Globes, Thanks To Austria

Towards the end of the 19th century, Austrian Erwin Perzy (a producer of surgical instruments), invented the snow globe and received a patent for it. Originally, he was working on an extra bright light for a surgical lamp and in the process was reminded of snowfall in the lamp and this gave him the idea for a snow globe. Today, the Perzy snow globe factory has been run for four generations in Vienna! The snow globe is a must-have Austrian souvenir. In addition to selling snow globes, the family also sells traditional New Year’s good luck charms and other ephemera.

The 1941 epic film, Citizen Kane, by Orson Welles features a snow globe in its opening scene. The snow globe featured in the film is one of Erwin Perzy’s designs! Perhaps the dramatic opening sequence is what familiarized Americans to the unique magic of the snow globe… The actor utters “Rosebud” before he drops the Erwin Perzy produced snow globe and dies. This snow globe is an integral part of a classic Hollywood masterpiece.

Undoubtedly, the Erwin Perzy snow globe is unique and special and still in production! Please make sure to acquire one of these special snow globes.

You can find the original Austrian snow globe family business website here.

The snow globe is a quintessential souvenir item and it’s critical to remember the importance of tradition, especially when that tradition means honoring generations of commitment to high quality craftsmanship! Austria is known for its inventions, and for people with an inventive spirit, and the snow globe is another example of how wonderful Austria is. If you are in California this winter, like myself, maybe you can be reminded of the true magic of the holiday season with a snow globe. ❤️☃️️

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