Some things are always going to be timeless. Receiving a letter that is sealed with a wax seal is likely one of the classiest and thoughtful gifts you can give in our technology saturated worlds. Where sending a letter seems unfathomable for some now, it’s highly personalized and meaningful.

There is nothing more sincere than receiving a letter that has thought and detail put into it. Stamptitude is a small family owned business which has become the premier wax stamp producers of our time. With a social media presence of almost 60k followers, the appeal of wax seals is real; everyone likes the idea of receiving such a beautiful gift and it’s even more exciting to give. The Co-Founder of Stamptitude can be found on social media as well: @junesmessydesk and her page boasts almost 90k followers alone. People are fascinated with watching the calming videos of wax dripping onto an envelope… it’s become a new type of ASMR.

I grew up in a household that cherished letter writing, card giving, and wax seals. Sealing almost of all of my letters with a stamp of the letter “B” for my name or a fleur-de-lis symbol was commonplace for me when I was growing up. Some of my fondest memories as an adolescent include watching my mom show me how to create the perfect wax seal on letters I wrote. Wax seals are an art… getting the right amount of wax onto the envelope fold is a skill! Another skill that has become almost obsolete is the skill of calligraphy. That should never die off! Perhaps one of the most classic images we know of the wax seal is a white envelope and a red seal. The vast array of wax seals now is so comprehensive that you can virtually choose any wax seal color to match the color of your envelope.

There are many different seal designs and wax colors to choose from. A love letter… a wedding invitation… an event invitation… a note of gratitude… there are countless reasons to wax seal your cards to others and it’s a great reminder to not let the art of card writing slip away from us. We are left with a tangible reminder of another person’s thoughts and that is priceless. Happy Stamping!

xoxo Bianca

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