Beauty: Natural Groomed Eyebrows

There is a science to eyebrow grooming. Minimal eyebrow shaping to maintain one’s natural brow shape can make or break a beauty look. Less is more in terms of grooming; do less with your eyebrow grooming process and you will look better because of it. It’s the most underrated beauty secret and it’s a powerful one. We underestimate the power of eyebrows on a face. I have seen such a range of eyebrow styles recently and I will say, the Kardashian family’s overuse of eyebrow makeup has created a trend of unrealistic eyebrows which distracts from the face, sometimes so much so that it’s distracting from all other features of the face — and not in a good way. If you are blessed with natural brows, cherish and love them.

My first job when I was a teenager was as a babysitter at a gym. One of my colleagues had very prominently filled in dark eyebrows. I remember one of the kids asking me a question about my colleague, but she didn’t remember her name, so the girl did this motion with her hands over her eyebrows and exclaims to me, “The lady with the big eyebrows!” I learned early on that eyebrows can make or break a beauty look.

There is a key constant to grooming – always pay attention to the alignment of where hairs need to be met that is symmetrical to the face and in reference point to your eyes (see graph above). You really only need a tweezer most of the time… waxing and threading and all other types of eyebrow grooming is a bit too invasive in my opinion and too hard to maintain for it to be sustainable for you.

You don’t want to make your eyebrow grooming routine a hassle; the way your eyebrows are groomed, they should be able to naturally grow out and be groomed using a tweezer to grab a few stray hairs when needed. You do not need to commit to an entirely different eyebrow shape when it’s groomed, that is unsustainable and most likely won’t benefit your face shape as your eyebrows are the way they are for a reason.

Stay away from tattooing eyebrows (especially when you have eyebrows?!). This is a trend that I have seen recently where women will tattoo their eyebrows to fill in any slightly sparse areas because they don’t want to apply makeup. Some women will tattoo their brows even when they have hair… this is absurd. The only time it’s acceptable to tattoo your brows is if you don’t have any left in my opinion.

I have had a ton of experience observing eyebrows… my mom had hers tattooed when I was a little girl because she unfortunately lost her eyebrows early. I also had my silly phases in high school. I wanted to have the perfectly groomed eyebrow look because Megan Fox was all the rage when I was in high school, so I did my best to make my eyebrows look artificially perfect. I know that look is not necessary and I am happy to leave my eyebrows as is now and groom them as minimally as possible.

There are two major aspects to eyebrow grooming:

  1. Do not over groom them; keep the look natural…

2. Do not overuse makeup. If your eyebrows are sparse or nonexistent, you can lightly apply eyebrow pencil in fine strokes that appears like hair! Do not apply eyebrow makeup like it’s a crayon filling in a space…

If you want to fill in sparse hairs, this is a great tutorial video.

Happy brow grooming!

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