Triple RRR by Robert Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli and Eva Duringer, Miss Austria 1977 are Robert’s parents.

Triple RRR is a fashion brand with a heritage and lineage of fashion, which is reflected in its clever and unique name. Founded by designer Roberto Cavalli’s son, Robert, Triple RRR stands for Roberto, Robert, and the next generation to come… It represents continuity, fluidity, and history all in one. In a short period of time, Robert has emerged as the next generation to take the Cavalli name and brand to new places of innovation. The Florence native has oriented the brand’s focus on bold and innovative menswear which is inspired by the house of Cavalli, his Italian heritage, and the formative time he spent in London for his education.

The Triple RRR brand allows men to mix and match fabrics, prints, and be unapologetic in styling bold looks. The mens line that Robert designs has the Roberto Cavalli heritage: live a full life, exude joy, and be glamorous. He takes the concept of Cavalli fashion now one step further and lets men choose any bold look they desire and wear it for everyday life. I am fully supportive of this fashion philosophy… layer prints and different fabric styles! You only live once.

Robert’s Triple RRR allows men to enjoy a full range of high quality silk and velvet robes, and everything in between. There is something for every man if he finds the courage to live into a new and innovative way of expressing his style. Fans of Triple RRR include American rap artist ASAP Rocky. Roberto Cavalli is historic and known for beautiful and sexy designs oriented more towards a female audience, whereas Triple RRR takes the Roberto Cavalli heritage of high quality fashion and orients this towards an unapologetically bold male audience.

To put it simply, Chuck Bass or Jay Gatsby would wear Triple RRR perfectly.

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