Eaton House Studio, Essex

Amy Griffith spent ten years refurbishing and decorating the Barbie house of a little girl’s dreams, Eaton House Studio in Essex, England. She purchased the property in 2009 after moving to Essex from London. Amy, originally a California native, brought her vision to life with commitment and a lot of hard work. Every detail is meticulously thought out in the house… and then there are there the unicorn statues in the garden!

Most of the purchases are second hand and lovingly selected for the house. The house has become popular to film music videos – pop singer Dagny recently filmed her music video, “Come Over,” at Eaton House. Paris Hilton and Iggy Azalea are other high profile fans of the house.

You can rent the house on Airbnb for $3,040 per night. The listing to rent the house is available here. The home has 6 bedrooms with 15 beds and 6.5 baths. It can be rented for a number of purposes, from a photoshoot to a Bachelorette party (or as they call it in the UK, a “hen party”) with a firefighter themed bar room and all, but one thing is for sure: Eaton House is intended to delight. Make sure to go follow Eaton House on Instagram @eatonhousestudio.

The Secret Garden Guest Room
The backyard facade has an impressive mural painted on it.

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