Rosy BVM Turns 1!

Today is the one year anniversary of Rosy BVM and I am so thankful for all who have helped to make this blog everything that it is today. I am especially grateful for the people who have supported and cheered me on to keep writing here and sharing out all that I think is rosy in the world, since rosiness is something we need to continue cultivating in challenging times.

For those who have allowed me the privilege of interviewing them, thank you, I have learned so much from each one of you and think all of you embody the “rosy life,” as you bring so much passion and goodness to all of the amazing work that you do. I am passionate about learning from the many different people who boldly choose to pursue their life’s dreams and work to make their dreams a reality.

You can find all of my Interviews under the Interviews tab or right here at

I began this website as an opportunity to share things that are on my mind and it quickly evolved into a place that could also serve to inspire those around me as well. To those who read Rosy BVM and follow this blog, thank you for reading all of these blog posts (over 100 posts now) and sharing your thoughts and feedback. It means so much to me.

To those who are joining me in living the rosy life, I am thrilled to have you join me. It’s solidarity that works towards making the world a better place and we need solidarity, collaboration, and rosiness more than ever. Join me into this second year of Rosy BVM.

xx Bianca

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