Demel Wien

Confectionary goods across of Austria are incredible. Demel in Vienna is the signature confectionary bakery that illustrates Austria’s world class abilities in baking. As you can see above, the aesthetic is also very unique: large pieces of fruit adorn the cakes and the frosting is intentionally imperfect, as there is no need to make frosting on a cake perfect as I think the imperfections of the frosting make the cake appear more edible and enticing that way. Demel is a coffee house and bakery that has been in business for more than 200 years, having served the Imperial family of Austria in years past. Demel represents all of the delicious culture that Austria has to offer.

Demel’s strawberry cake!

Demel is certainly a traditional cafe, and yet with all of its history, its continued presence and popularity stems from how the culture of the coffee house for socialization purposes, as well as their unparalleled baking which will always resonate with natives as well as tourists from all over the world. When you are in Vienna, you must try the infamous Sachertorte and during your trip to Demel, otherwise your trip would not be complete. Perhaps, you can try the Sachertote from Sacher Hotels and compare while you are at it. Comparisons never tasted so sweet.

Culinary chefs at Demel preparing traditional Apfelstrudel.

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