Charlotte Casiraghi: Style Icon

On her wedding day with husband Dimitri Rassam.

The granddaughter of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi is a style icon in line with her grandmother and mother, Caroline. Charlotte has been an avid equestrian for much of her life. I was introduced to her style in Tatler when I was a young girl. I would admire how uniquely she wore Chanel and how Karl Lagerfeld would have her model and attend his fashion shows.

Her studies consisted of philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and she hosts a philosophy collective where she is actively engaged with the philosophy community. She has two children, one with actor Gad Elmaleh (the “Seinfeld of France”) and another with her husband Dimitri Rassam, who she married in June. Charlotte certainly has a family legacy that is unparalleled, but it appears that she has managed much of her life with grace.

Charlotte in Chanel (with her brother Pierre on the right).

Charlotte’s entrance into the fashion world was through Karl Lagerfeld.
Charlotte with her brother Andrea when she was a teenager. Andrea has worked in Monaco’s Embassy to Qatar in Paris.
Dimitri Rassam, Charlotte, Pierre Casiraghi, and Pierre’s wife Beatrice Borromeo.
Charlotte with her half sister, Alexandra of Hanover
Modeling as the face of Gucci in 2012.
An avid equestrian her whole life.

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