Wedding Style: Sadek Majed

If you are familiar with my taste in couture, you would not be surprised that I have a penchance towards sharing Lebanese designers. The couture designs coming out of Lebanon are truly incredible. I think Sadek Majed Couture is no exception. The most exceptional wedding couture of the moment is certainly Mr. Majed’s designs.

His bridal couture is especially noteworthy, but he also designs evening wear. I think Sadek’s designs can be appreciated for many years to come. They have a modern appeal to them, with an extreme attention to detail (using Swarovski crystals), but there’s also a classical appeal, which he does such a wonderful job at merging together. These are gowns truly fit for a Disney Princess, or a princess in real life.

Majed’s Summer 2019 collection
His designs are fit for an Austrian princess. Miss Austria could easily wear this gown at Miss Universe.

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