Ultra-Glam DIY Vanity

Recently I listened to an interview with Dita Von Teese where she stated how glamour should not always be equated with being expensive. She stated, “Isn’t running a bath, adding some rose petals, and having a cup of strawberries next to you glamorous? That doesn’t cost much at all.” That is exactly the mindset that I was raised to have and frankly, it’s a good one to have, I’m very lucky that my mother instilled that value in me. You should not hinder your creativity with cost; as they say, “When there is a will, there is a way.” Investing in a glamorous dressing table is part of a lifestyle attitude in my opinion and I am happy to share some of my ideas here.

Have you ever thought about creating a vintage-inspired vanity but aren’t quite sure where to start? Retro style is my favorite style and I think it’s the most timeless style, too. The beauty looks out of the 1940s and 50s are my all-time favorite. Creating a vintage dressing table is a fun project and it’s a gorgeous creation when complete. I’ve curated a few of my favorite products that are perfect for display on a vanity table and are lovely to use!

Almost all of these items are available on Amazon and are not antiques; though, if you have the time and know a lovely antique store in your neighborhood, take a look around and see what strikes your fancy – antique stores are so wonderful. Your vanity table can be found at IKEA: they have a great one here. You can also find dressing tables at antique stores for a more vintage look! All of these items are affordable and ultra-glamorous and they are sure to make you feel like a silver screen siren out of the 1940s.

xx Bianca


  1. Mirrored Art Deco Inspired Butterfly Box available on Amazon
  2. Vintage Inspired Handheld Mirror and Comb available on Amazon
  3. Pink Ostrich Feathers available on Amazon
  4. Vintage Inspired Makeup Organizer available on Amazon
  5. VENUS ET FLEUR Le Mini Round
  6. Dita Von Teese Gilded Rose Glamour Girl Vase
  7. Bésame Cosmetics Waterfall Mist Fragrance
  8. Rose hairpiece available on Amazon

Nail Polishes

  1. Revlon Red
  2. Essie in Fishnet Stockings

Skincare & Makeup

  1. Estee Lauder crocodile print compact
  2. Benefit Cosmetics Bathina body oil on Amazon
  3. Frederick’s of Hollywood Seductive Shimmering Spray on Amazon
  4. Bésame Cosmetics Blushing Rose hand cream
  5. Bésame Cosmetics crimson cream rouge
  6. Bésame Cosmetics Victory Red lipstick
  7. Bésame Cosmetics Mickey Mouse red lipstick
  8. Rosebud Strawberry lip balm tin on Amazon
  9. Makeup & powder sponges available on Amazon

Total Cost

Total cost of decorations and products = ~$400

Total cost of products w/ dressing table from IKEA = ~$700

Voila! You have an ultra-glamorous DIY vintage inspired dressing table that you can enjoy every day.

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