Mermaid Lagoon by Bésame Cosmetics

In my last blog post, I covered the cultural shifts that brands should be making to stay most relevant. The Mermaid Lagoon collection by Bésame  Cosmetics, in collaboration with Disney’s Peter Pan, is exactly that – the novelty provided by this collection is outstanding. The mermaids of the 1953 film are a highlight and have a remarkable amount of personality for a short appearance; the mermaids are in the film for about two minutes.

These feisty little mermaids embody charisma and attitude that is a lovely choice to inspire a makeup collection. This is Bésame Cosmetics second partnership with Disney. Their first was with Snow White and all of the products are authentically recreated in relation to the color archive.

Bésame Cosmetics is a wonderful company: their founder, Gabriela Hernandez opened the company in 2004 with her family; she wrote a book about the history of makeup, Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup and has a boutique in Burbank, California, that is recreated to be out of the 1930s. Her original 1940s style lipstick is also featured in the 2012 Academy Award winning film, The Artist. Quality, novelty, and history are all provided by this brand, and I am incredibly impressed.

The Rose collection

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