RagDoll Pink Palace of Los Angeles

The Marie Antoinette inspired living room.
A 50’s housewife inspired kitchen.

The RagDoll Pink Palace in Los Angeles is a life-sized dollhouse created by Carol Chavana. The venue has become a premier destination for professional photo shoots and film sets for Hollywood. Inspired by a combination of styles including the infamous Pink Palace owned by the late Jayne Mansfield, The Madonna Inn of San Luis Obispo, vintage Barbie, red and pink lipsticks, and Lana Del Rey’s music, the house is a “girly girl” dream come true.

The origins for what propelled Carol to pursue her creative dreams comes from a tale of horror that she witnessed in 2015. Carol witnessed a car accident where a young man was struck by oncoming traffic and was left paralyzed by the accident. The trauma of the imagery that she witnessed gave Carol the understanding and inspiration that she should pursue her creative dreams.

The house has themed rooms that are meticulously styled with antiques and a clear passion for beauty and glamour. They also include original art pieces by Carol (such as below). I think this brings an especially unique touch to the house that she styled so fabulously! Renting the space for photo shoots and film sets is great, but I also think Carol’s story for how she pursued her dreams is an important one and all the more reason to use her space: our time in life is limited, and remembering to pursue our dreams is all that matters at the end of the day.

Artwork by Carol Chavana
Pop singer Loren Gray posing for a photo is in the Valentine’s Day themed bedroom.

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