Palazzo Capello Malipiero Barnabò: A Secret Garden at the Grand Canal in Venezia

Countess Anna Barnabò in her garden.
Pink roses are found throughout her garden, which I adore.

Life naturally has an uncanny way of sharing illustrious surprises; a rose garden exists in a palazzo that is situated along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. The palazzo and now-famous rose garden are owned by Countess Anna Barnabò, and her property has been described as a “sumptous antique-filled palace with verdant gardens spilling onto Venice’s Grand Canal.” When I first learned about this rose garden in the center of Venice, I could barely believe that it existed – the luxury to have the space and the opportunity to create a rose garden, it’s almost unbelievable! I hope to visit this garden someday.

The Countess has put much effort into tending her rose bushes along the salty waters of the lagoon and making sure that it stays well taken care of: this is a good lesson for us all. We must always bring a caring touch to what we care about most and remember that blooms come from love.

A fresco in her drawing room.
A Murano chandelier in her drawing room.
The Countess in her home.
Her gates have the letter B mongrammed into it – something I hope to have in my home someday.

Article reference found here.

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