For the Love of Pearls: Appreciating Nature’s Gifts

Lauren Bacall wearing pearls
MIKIMOTO’s Miss Universe crown requires a security detail wherever it’s worn.

The stone of sincerity and purity, pearls have long been associated with classic style, but I think pearls are timeless in any context. Its powers are supposed to enhance peace of mind and concentration, which given my love of pearls, I would say is quite accurate.

Pearls have been worn for centuries and I think they are arguably better than diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth wore pearls by Imperial Pearl from Rhode Island, and Miss Universe is crowned each year with a crown of pearls by MIKIMOTO of Japan. The pearls on the crown are so precious and valuable that a security detail is required wherever it’s worn. The crown is valued at approximately $250,000.

Pearls are stylish for every occasion, from casual to formal. It’s also my personal opinion that pearls are ideal to complete bridal looks: whether it be with statement earrings or a beautiful necklace, pearls are the best choice for a bride on her special day.

Image result for american pearl model
American Pearl has stunning pearls at a great value.

Beyond the classic choice of pearls (I’ve included a chart with pearl sizes below). I think that pearls can also be used in more modern pieces, such as this piece by Olga van Doorn from The Netherlands, where a double ring holds up a mother of pearl oyester with a pearl, I love that piece! Pearls have endless size and color combinations, and to me, they are more versatile and beautiful than diamonds.

Image result for olga van doorn pearl
Olga van Doorn’s double ring piece is extraordinary.
Image result for pearl size chart

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