Teuta Matoshi Duriqi


Well, I have an all-time favorite designer, and these gowns are what every fairy tale would include: the ultimate princess style gown.  The unique and handmade designs of Teuta Matoshi Duriqi are just stunning, down to every detail and color combination and cut of each gown.  I am in love with every gown she designs; the designs have a whimsical style about them emphasizing the female figure, as if they belong in a Disney film, except I’d rather see them on ladies at Fashion Week.  For being handmade, the price range is not out of control either: most of these gowns are in the $1,000 range (an incredible price for atelier style work!) and you can purchase them through her website, and a showroom is now open in New York City where you can book an appointment for your fitting.  I  adore these styles and am incredibly in awe of each and every gown…

matoshi d

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