The Imperative to Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement

At this point, climate change isn’t exactly a matter of opinion as President Trump is framing this. I don’t have patience for this rhetoric and it is an imperative as we move forward as a nation that we work towards ensuring the US rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement.

The US cannot withdraw officially from the agreement before November 4, 2020, which is four years after the agreement went into effect and one day after the 2020 Presidential election. This Administration has agreed to abide by that process. Making the statement that the US withdraws is as if we are immediately in a state of withdrawal: above all, this was a political tactic. In President Trump’s withdrawal speech, there were numerous scientific fallacies he stated.

We deserve better than this, as a humanity, beyond borders, I am disappointed that this was taken as a political opportunity above a commitment to protecting this planet. For my second citizenship to Austria, President Alexander Van der Bellen said that US President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris accord only challenges Europe to double its efforts in order to do everything possible to protect the planet and save it for future generations.


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