Travel: Hotel Sacher Wien & Sachertorte

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Arguably the best luxury hotel in the world, the five star Hotel Sacher in Vienna has been open since 1876, and is best known for its “Sachertorte” a chocolate cake filled with apricot or raspberry jam (It’s been long contested which filling is the original.  To me, they are both delicious!) invented by Franz Sacher in 1832.  A fun fact: December 5th is “National Sachertorte Day” in the United States.  For those who did not know, we have a national chocolate cake day for an Austrian cake!  Since Vienna is the coffee house capital of the world, Sachertorte is the ideal compliment to Kaffe mit Schlag (coffee with whipped cream).  Romy Schneider stayed at the hotel while filming the famous Austrian film Sissi about Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her life.

Austrians are known for their hospitality.  Whether you are staying at a five star luxury hotel such as Hotel Sacher or with a lovely family in the Austrian Alps, you are sure to be treated with the utmost hospitality.  This is a special source of pride for Austrians, and you must always be gracious to your host’s hospitality; Austria is a magical country. 


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