Music Review: ILYSB by LANY

LANY makeout

ILYSB by LANY is my current favorite jam…  I thoroughly enjoy how their album cover is of a rosy pink colored flower bush.  So, what does “ILYSB” and “LANY” exactly stand for?  ILYSB stands for “I love you so bad,” and LANY is one of the hippest Indie pop bands around, their name standing for the cities LA and NY merged together, but pronounced “Lay-nee.”  Paul Klein, their front man is currently dating actress Nicola Peltz, daughter of famed businessman Nelson Peltz.  Nicola’s brother, Will Peltz, is currently signed with IMG Models Worldwide and has been taking the fashion world by storm.  It’s quite the creative family.  Paul Klein perhaps wrote “ILYSB” for another special lady, but I’m sure it applies well to his relationship with Nicola…

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