Chic Spot: The Palm Court

Palm Court

The Palm Court, one of the most glamorous places in all of New York City is located at The Plaza Hotel.  They recently revamped their services and even had a partnership with VENUS ET FLEUR which offered a rose themed summer tea time!  The fabulous fictional character Eloise is also infamous for her adventures living at The Plaza, so it’s always charming to take a young girl who loves Eloise for an Eloise themed tea party.  The San Francisco equivalent, The The Palace Hotel’s Garden Court is equally esteemed and lovely to go to during the holiday season or if you just want a wonderfully historic and glamorous place to enjoy tea and have light conversation with your friends.  When I worked at The Palace Hotel, I always found the Garden Court to be one of the best spots to visit in San Francisco, its glittering chandeliers and ambience is so lovely.  I think there are some places that will never go out of style, and these are couple of those places.


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