What are the United Nation’s SDGs? The 2030 Agenda

SDGOne of my greatest passions is learning and understanding the pathways to improving the world we all live in.  In the image above, you will see a list of 17 goals outlined by the UN as “Sustainable Development Goals” or SDGs.  These are goals that, ideally, the world’s largest NGOs, governments, and nonprofits will align their goals with and has a projected end target date for 2030.  There is a common good that we can serve, and in turn can serve us all.

Personally, my involvement in co-leading my firm’s women’s group has given me the understanding of the importance of gender equality in a more informed, confident light. Truly, feminism is about fairness.  Feminism is not about pushing men to the sidelines through exclusion (even if women have been consistently sidelined throughout history), feminism is about being fair.  It is more important than ever that we include women and ensure that we have a place at every decision making table.  By 2030, we should no longer need to discuss why women should be in leadership positions or why they must assert the positionality anywhere.

While feminism is where I am most closely anchored to, I believe that maintaining the vision for a better world is anchored in a passion for innovative ideas for achieving sustainable development and understanding how we can specifically approach solving each of these seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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