Gmundner Keramik: A Piece of Austria

Growing up, the commencement of the holiday season began when my mother took out our family collection of Gmundner Keramik pieces from Austria.  These are hand painted ceramic pieces made in Austria.  My favorite part of Christmastime was the beginning of Advent and when we would light our Advent wreath, which happened to be a Gmundner Keramik wreath.  I was always dazzled when we would light the first candle of Advent, there was a sincere understanding of what Christmas truly stands for during those Sunday evenings.  Gmundner Keramiks have been created since 1492.  That’s right.  Since the Middle Ages.  These pieces are truly an Austrian tradition and stand the test of time as a symbol of Austria.  Artists such as Gustav Klimt have been inspired by the designs of the famous ceramic house – Gmundner is timeless, and I’m proud that the heritage of my country remains so strong.  Gmundner pieces are the perfect addition to any holiday table!

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