The Revival of Fiorucci

One of the brands that I’ve been infatuated with as long as I can remember is Fiorucci.  When I first saw their magical bottle of perfume with wings on it and their classic cherub head logo years ago, I fell instantly in love with Fiorucci as a teen.  When they had a collab with Target in the mid-2000’s, my favorite bikini was a Fiorucci x Target collab.  And then, suddenly, they fell off the face of the earth.  With the passing of Elio Fiorucci in 2015, the brand had been in despair for years before. Fiorucci is essentially the Italian (and cooler) version of GUESS.

Now, they have a stores in London and SoHo, NYC and Fiorucci is well and alive again: the brand has been spotted on celebs including Justin Bieber, which has helped revive Fiorucci into the mainstream once again.  Fiorucci is a strong brand and I am beyond thrilled to see it alive and well again.  Long live Fiorucci.  xx Bianca

Image result for fiorucci classic advertisementsImage result for fiorucci advertisementsImage result for fiorucci perfume ads

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