Music Review: Jessie James Decker’s Christmas Album

Image result for jessie james decker on this holiday album

Well, rosettes, it’s November 1st and that means – it’s time for Christmas music!!  Today I’m listening to Jessie James Decker’s newly released holiday album, and I can’t help but say, I’m IMPRESSED.  All of the songs are great, but I’m most enjoying the tune of “Snowlight.” It feels like some new version of a classic Bee Gees song, and I LOVE it.  I am not one to be a huge country music fan, but Jessie James Decker’s tunes are perfect to play in the background when you cuddle up with a blanket and a hot cocoa and enjoy her melodic voice.  I was not entirely sure what to expect with this album, but it’s a great addition to the holiday music lineup, make sure not to miss this one!

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