Happy Halloween! From: Real Life Barbie

It’s become increasingly evident that Kylie Jenner and her team are aware of her brand in ways that just seem to keep getting more and more controversial and scintillating, and LIKE worthy! From Kylie’s Barbie-themed 21st birthday bash, where Kim dressed up in a hot pink dress that was immediately recreated by Fashion Nova for the masses, Kylie has become a real-life Barbie and knows just how to play the role: even on Halloween!  On one level, it can be understood as a panoptic understanding of self – her reaction to her own objectification is by empowering herself into branding herself into an object, where in this way, she can maintain her own sense of authenticity as she is acutely aware of her objectivity. Either way, I’m still watching, and Kylie knows it.  Happy Halloween, lovelies!



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