Solfeggio Frequencies & Sound Healing

I recently came across the phrase “sound healing.” I had never heard of it before and I am not interested in the world of pseudoscience as I do believe that it is misguiding. However, I did learn that there are scientific studies around sound healing that are quite intriguing in terms of how the brain processes sounds. Ultimately, this can impact our overall health. During the pandemic, I started to meditate more frequently. I focused on how to learn meditation in a way that works for me and I also focused on not “ignoring” the inner voice that comes up while meditating. It’s a common misconception that you completely quiet your mind during meditation. That is definitely far from the truth. Meditation, with practice, enables you to focus and “go within” yourself so that you are able to better focus on what matters most in this life. For me, that has been focusing on honoring my prana (Sanskrit for life energy) and honoring the gift of our life force. Because we are blessed to be alive, I have found meditation to be a tool to improve and clarify the foci of what my I want in my best life.

I am also aware that mindfulness enables us to recognize that we are interconnected in a greater schematic – we are not alone in this universe, everything is interconnected. I do believe that meditation is a highly powerful tool that enables us to manifest the best in our lives, honoring ourselves and others because of it! In the same vein, what we listen to while we meditate impacts us. For me, I have found “Meditative Mind,” to be a highly valuable tool. The website, app, and YouTube channel all offer different sound frequencies to meditate to. I have listened to many of the difference sound frequencies and have found that listening to 417 – 432 Hz is best for me.

I notice myself feeling a deep sense of calm when listening to sounds in the frequency range of 417 – 432 Hz. Everyone is different and Solfeggio frequencies have a range. Listen to your inner voice. Solfeggio Frequencies are powerful. According to Better Sleep, “Solfeggio frequencies relate to specific sounds that promote mind and body health. These frequencies incorporate tones that date back centuries and include sacred music and chants. They were rediscovered in the 1970s by Dr. Joseph Puleo, a physician, and researcher. During his research, he discovered six measurable tones using mathematical numeral reduction. These tones were found to aid healing and balance out the body. Thanks to Puleo’s work bringing the solfeggio frequencies back into public awareness, many scientists after him have discovered more evidence about the positive effects these frequencies can have.” The best frequency to use for sleeping, if you need sound as a sleep aid, is the 417 frequency (below). Explore the range of frequencies and find what sounds best to you (Hz refers to Hertz, which is the unit of measurement named after German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz). Sound healing has become an essential part of my meditative practice and I encourage you to explore what frequency of sound speaks most to you!

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