The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

Stift Admont, Austria

All around the world there are breathtakingly beautiful libraries, which serve as monuments, museums, and of course, book repositories, which seem endless and all together wonderfully substantial. Literacy is arguably the most essential part of intellect. Having a passion for books and reading provides endless opportunities for learning, but it truly expands the human experience in a multitude of ways. If more people were focused on learning and reading, I strongly believe we would have much less problems in the world. While life is meant to be lived boldly and with an adventurous spirit, a huge part of that is learning and understanding the many lessons there is to learn through reading all sorts of classical stories and having a zest for seeing through the surface. Altogether, beyond the surface in life, we find deeper meanings because of literature we are exposed to. Supporting literacy efforts in the education space is incredibly important. Reading and writing are the building blocks to any subject matter.

Literacy has been a huge part of my life (I was an English major at UC Davis). Not everyone may have a passion for literacy, but having some intrigue for reading and writing will take you further than you imagined in life. If there is any topic you have interest in, find every book you can about it and read! I think it’s become especially important in today’s world (when we exist in such a primarily digital space), that we keep the magic of books and libraries alive. While these libraries may be the most beautiful libraries in the world, going to your public and local library and checking out a book that you’ve never read before can be just as magical of an experience. Literacy enables you to refine your own curiosity. The more you read, the more you begin to learn what sorts of literature speaks to you and what may not. You may find your niche and continue reading similar books your entire life. That is quite alright! For me, Regency Era novels are enticing. Reading is magical, so it seems well fitting that there are libraries of this kind in the world. Austria has many of the most majestic libraries in the world. If you take a trip to Austria, you must stop and enjoy one of the many illustrious libraries there.



Austrian National Library, Vienna
The Vatican Library
Abbey Library, St. Gallen, Switzerland
The Library of Congress

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