Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Each year on Rosy BVM, I put together a selection of unique items that I suggest as a holiday gift guide. This year, I have searched and found items which fall into the realm of fantastical or fairytale as a theme. While we may face so much unprecedented hardship in the world, there are ways to cultivate goodness. This begins with supporting inspirational nonprofits and brands, and staying inspired yourself. This is rosy… The most unique of all items for this year’s gift guide is the opportunity to help replant coral reefs with Coral Gardeners, an organization that works to replant and successfully regrow corals. This is a rosy endeavor, as are the other items, which have unique and personal significance in some way. Always remember that you are in part controlling your destiny, so your “Once Upon A Time” is also how you want to see the world… Infuse love into everything! This holiday season, we must see that more than ever.

Coral Gardeners

Adopt A Coral – Pocillopora Verrucosa (You can select a digital or print image of the coral that you are helping to have regrown. If you have opt for a digital image, you can have the coral named.)

Fiori Couture

Victorian Trading Co.

Masquerade Mask Design

Venetian Masquerade Mask Arco Strass & Venetian Masquerade Mask Barocco Fuoco Gold

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