Rosy Beauty – Summer 2021

As the seasons change, so do our makeup looks. The colors of our makeup may change to coordinate with our outfits and to indicate the season, but I have come to believe that there is a basic formula to how you can achieve the best looks of a season (while complementing your best features) without trying too hard. Firstly, it is said time and time again, and should not be underestimated: skin is the canvas that you have your makeup on, therefore, your skin’s health is of the utmost priority. Skincare before your makeup is truly the answer to all of the best makeup looks above all. My mother has an esthetician degree from when she was a young woman in Austria. I have had all of the benefits of her tips and tricks and I haven’t always heeded her advice, to my detriment. I did not realize when she’d tell me: “You only need concealer, no foundation!!,” she was giving my makeup look’s best advice. Now, I have begun to heed that advice and have stopped using foundation all together. I know that on certain occasions foundation can be good (full makeup looks for a photoshoot or for events that are in the Fall/Winter have become how I categorize when to best use foundation). Now, I solely use a concealer wand to conceal any darkness under my eyes and any red spots that I might have. Adhering to a good skincare regimen that treats your skin type well can do wonders to how your skin looks, without makeup. Ultimately, you can afford a few sun rays when you are outside (not for prolonged periods of time when you should apply sunscreen). Generally, let your skin breathe.

Once you have properly allowed yourself a good ‘canvas’ for your skin, then you can start thinking about which shades and tones complement you best or complement your outfit well etc. For the makeup look above, I wanted to have a look that conveyed all of the tones that you might see in Portofino. I have a particular way of creating my makeup looks. I love to have rosy cheeks of course (sometimes I go overboard and need to remember that a natural flush will add color as well). I will use a cream textured pink lipstick on my cheeks (yes, on my cheeks) as a cream blush. I do a quick swipe of pink lipstick on each side and blend, blend, blend into the apples of my cheeks. It’s great to smile while you blend it too so you know where your color would be in the apples of your cheeks. This blends very naturally if your skin is properly moisturized. After I have applied concealer and blush, I begin applying eye makeup. I use a tiny bit of concealer on my eyelids as a base that I blend in to make eyeshadow adhere better. Then, I apply a light smoky shade of shadow (this can be anything from gray to gray blue to silver-like shade of eyeshadow for the base of my shadow. I use a darker shadow, like a dark gray or dark brown to line my upper lash line very thinly. Then, I apply a couple swipes of mascara! You can also skip mascara (most days) and spare your lashes. This way, they can grow long naturally without any breakage. Less can actually be more with makeup looks, remember that!

For my final step (my favorite), I apply lipstick and lip gloss. I love full, glossy lips. The matte lipstick trend has never been a favorite of mine and I prefer to stick to a creamy lipstick with a lip gloss over. I think that is the most beautiful lip look! I love to wear reds, pinks, and coral shades of lipstick. I think those shades complement my features best and they make me feel my best. Voila, this is your rosy summer makeup look. It’s light and only four steps (concealer, blush, eye makeup, and lipstick). You can make a big impact with your makeup looks with the colors that you choose and please make sure to take care of your skin first and foremost.

Happy Rosy Summer!

xxx Bianca

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