Le Sirenuse: Positano, Italy

Le Sirenuse is an iconic hotel located in Positano and owned by Carla and Antonio Sersale. The views from this property are some of the best of Positano… The five star hotel is absolutely beloved, as mentioned in this Vanity Fair article from this past summer. While we may not be able to travel as freely (namely it’s best to not travel unless absolutely necessary), it’s always great to learn more about which places you can dream of going next, right? The hotel was opened in 1951, by Antonio’s father, Franco and his three siblings. A celebrity frequented venue, what is likely most endearing, beyond the breathtaking views, is the “at home” feel that guests are able to experience while staying there. This at home feeling combined with the luxury of a five star hotel service is what makes coming back to Le Sirenuse is so attractive for so many guests.

Carla Sersale, Antonio’s wife, has a lifestyle brand herself: Emporio Sirenuse, which has home pieces for sale that are all Made in Italy. If you are not able to go to Le Sirenuse soon, we may as well have a piece of it for our home. There is a casual glamour that this hotel has cultivated and it certainly is underscored by how down to earth in attitude its ownership has. The owners, in collaboration with other Italian properties, raised 200,000 Euros in an effort for COVID-19 vaccine research. The adverse impacts of COVID-19 unfortunately forced Le Sirenuse’s sister property, Le Sirenuse at the Surf Club Miami, a restaurant in Miami, to close permanently in August. Unfortunately, the American counterpart of this Italian household name is no longer open here in the US, but hopefully, all of Le Sirenuse’s fans can return to Positano to visit sooner than later! After all, the hotel has a new bar open called “Don’t Worry,” and wouldn’t we all like to be free from worry?

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