Eckhart Tolle, Space Consciousness + Our Life’s Purpose

So often, it seems that we can be so unsure (and also widely philosophize) what the grander “why” is to our lives. What is our life’s purpose? People sometimes dive deep into their religious faiths as a result of trying to answer this question or perhaps they turn to a more nihilistic view that life itself has no purpose, it is ‘just life.’ I think this is obviously a highly complex topic since the life experience we all have weaves together the idea of our personal autonomy (the individual’s choice to decide what their ‘purpose’ may be) with a broader discourse related to the science of space consciousness and how this ties into the realm of the personal, microcosm experience of the universe that we have within ourselves. Our purpose is quite simple to understand once you awaken to space consciousness.

I recently started reading Eckhart Tolle and came to understand this concept of ‘awakening’ that he references for humanity. On an individual level of the spiritual awakening we may have and then on a collective large scale global consciousness (which he speaks of how it’s already happening to humans on our planet). Eckhart references this collective awakening as a consciousness which transcends our personal form in order to understand the space that consciousness allows us to connect with on a collective plane and hence connects us with our personal experience of ‘purpose.’

Our life’s purpose is being one with the collective consciousness of Being. It goes beyond thought, you are aware of your consciousness, you find deep inner peace this way, and thus are capable of spreading joy to others. This is life’s purpose and there is a technique to share your space consciousness awakening with others. You may think the concept of ‘purpose’ is highly individual, but in reality, the concept of purpose is this, for all of us, always:

  • Your life’s purpose is to merge together your awareness of space consciousness which does not include thinking, it is BEING (breathing…. breath… ATMAN… one with God…) by merging your being together with your form and bodily experience, the outer, everyday experiences that you have. Once merged by your awakening, you then generate a deep sense of peace and therefore can spread joy in the lives of others by accepting the reality that our form is not the entirety of our life. We can spiritually dissociate from all of the trappings of ourselves and therefore we can achieve deep inner peace.
  • When this change happens within you, you are spiritually awakened and you will no longer feel confined to the restrictions our immediate experience can hold over us. If you believe in the teachings of Christ, you will understand that Christ lived a life which was not ‘of his own’ because he connected with a community of many souls to be one with it.
  • When we solely connect only to our form and our ego, we are creating spiritual blindness in ourselves – we are not recognizing the deep inner power that space consciousness provides us in connecting with the purpose of BEING.
  • I Am. I Am. I Am.
  • You are. You are. You are.
  • We are. We are. We are.
  • We are one. We are one. We are one.

In this way, when you speak these words, you recognize that the ego is a fabrication of the mind. We are all one spirit. We are all together on this Earth. We are all part of the human race. We are all a connected, living entity. We are conscious. We are consciousness. Now, our purpose: awaken and awaken others to this. Like a rose that is in bloom, open to your life’s purpose and share this beauty with others.

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