Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Studies of the Vibrational Effects on Water

“If we consider that the human body is a universe within itself, it is only natural to conclude that we carry within us all the elements.”

― Masaru Emoto, Hidden Messages in Water

Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated how the human consciousness has a direct effect on the molecular structure of water. Dr. Emoto’s hypothesis is that water is a messenger: transmitting from one molecule to the next. He studied the aesthetics of water to different vibrations, freezing the water, and then studying it with microscopic photography. While his studies focus on the molecular restructuring of water and subsequent reshaping of water from different vibrations, one can make the assertion that hist studies’ results have outward and inward implications – outwardly, our vibration to the world impacts the world since Earth is covered with water. Inwardly, the experience of vibrations to the body is also significant because the human body is composed of roughly 70% water.

Dr. Emoto’s molecular images of water display a shocking but simple truth: sounds that are inherently “good” shape the water into a beautiful crystal display, exactly like a snowflake. Sounds that are inherently “bad” shaped the water into bacterial looking shapes. His studies created a tangible and visual explanation for the impact that water has within us and around us. Taking this one step further, these explanations have implications with our personal practices in life: practicing gratitude and positive thought generation does maintain health for your body and it also applies to the health of the overall planet.

Each person has a life force of energy [power] within them and water plays a role in how that energy [power] is used. Dr. Emoto was aware of the power of his studies and stated that practicing positive thinking into prayer by considering this thought: “No one particular religion has been able to secure the exclusive rights for the power of prayer. No matter who you are, we all have the ability to take advantage of this amazing and wonderful power. Once you realize this, you will then be filled with the desire to help others realize this as well. More and more people are resonating with this understanding, and this could result in a more wonderful future for mankind.” Dr. Emoto reminds us to be grateful and honor the power of our life force by applying it for good each day, for we are each pieces of one whole universe.

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