Moon Calendar 2020 + New Moon Rituals

New Age phenomena is something that I have recently come to appreciate more than I have in the past. For example, I always knew the moon is a powerful force in our lives for how it waxes and wanes and that a full moon, more specifically, is entrancing. I did not, however, think much further past that; I recently stumbled across the Greek Goddess, Selene, and how widely portrayed she has been in art for centuries and how feminine the moon is compared to the masculine sun. You can find my blog post about her here.

With my newfound appreciation for the goddess, Selene, I learned that there is significance in stopping to make time to ritualize a new moon. It’s a cleansing ritual intended to improve your spirit. I am no expert and I am still learning about the different phases of the moon, but I have found that there is meaning in recognizing and appreciating the patterns of nature and how we are part of that pattern.

If you would like to try a new moon ritual, you can set the scene with a few items in the form of an offering to the new moon: I’d recommend starting your offering with some crystals; my favorite crystal is rose quartz. Ideally, you want to declutter your space to help set the intention for this ritual with no distractions. You can lay the crystals on a flat surface, have a candle lit (not necessary), and a sprig of lavender or sage. These items help to set your intention for that evening of the new moon. During your ritual, you can set your intention to be one of a cleansing nature – recognizing the opportunities that this new moon’s cycle brings to you.

You can start to meditate after setting this intention. I like to focus a lot of my meditation practice on focusing on the present moment. For example, focusing on my breathing patterns helps free my mind from any distraction and clears it from any worry. Meditation is a tool for the mind. I’ve also found that listening to your body in that exact moment is also a great way to be more present during your meditation. You can speak to the moon in the form of a message about your hopes for that new moon’s cycle. After you meditate, you can reflect again on the opportunities for growth in which this new moon presents us. I hope you enjoy a peaceful evening for all that the new moon can bring. 🙂

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