Methods of Reducing Stress While We Manage Through The COVID-19 Crisis

It goes without saying: this is a stressful time. While we all do our part in staying home as much as possible other than going out to buy essential supplies, food, and have our daily exercise (a walk around the neighborhood), we are helping the front line healthcare workers who are battling this virus in hospitals around the world by decreasing transmission rates. This time of isolation will end, but while we go through this, we should acknowledge our stress and consider engaging in daily rituals to reduce it.

While there is so much out of our control and so much of the future feels uncertain, we can be intentional in how we work to manage some of our stress by practicing mindfulness meditation techniques, practicing yoga (even just breathing techniques), to listening to calming meditation music and sounds. The following resources are recommended to help in reducing stress levels while we manage through this global health crisis.

The Internet Archives is offering free book downloads, I highly recommend utilizing this information resource and accessing to spend a bit of your down time reading books you have yet to read.

Meditation Music


Simple Habit is my favorite app for guided meditation.

Exercise & Mood

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