Rosy Travel: Tybee Island, Georgia

There may not be a more American travel destination that Tybee Island, Georgia. The lesser known island is a classic all-American destination for travelers seeking the beaches of the Gulf Coast. The island is located right near Savannah and is well loved by Georgians. Georgia has a special place in my heart as it’s one of the handful of states in America that has a rich Austrian history, with Austrian culture still present. This island has a subtle charm to it, it does not have the glamour of Palm Beach, Florida, but it rivals its beauty.

Tybee has an interesting history. It was initially referred to as “Savannah Beach,” due to its close location to the city of Savannah but has since been referred back to its original name which references its Native American history – the Euchee tribe inhabited the island in years past and “Tybee” is the Euchee word for “salt.” The lighthouse on Tybee Island has been there since 1736! This is definitely one of America’s most historic lighthouses. During the late 19th century, residents of polluted cities would flock to the island as it has been considered a place to cure certain ailments such as asthma and certain allergies since there are clear saltwater breeze.

Sandra Bullock has a home on Tybee Island… you may just have an unexpected celebrity sighting or two. I think tourism in America is fascinating, there are so many places to see in such a large country that there are hidden gems such as the lovely Tybee Island to go find and enjoy!

Tybee is known for its historic Southern style homes.

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