Trieste, Italy

During a summer when I was twelve years old, I had the opportunity to explore the gorgeous city of Trieste, Italy while on a trip with my mother that was primarily spent in her hometown in Austria. We did spend a day in Trieste that I will never forget. I distinctly remember finding the city as incredibly relaxing, stunningly beautiful, and all-around a “heaven on earth” type of feeling. If paradise exists, I think it was found for me in Trieste. Sadly, nowadays, the city is suffering from its share of economic down times and deserves its place on the tourist’s map: Trieste is truly spectacular.

The New York Times featured a piece about Trieste that is wonderfully informative for travelers. From the sea that urges you to jump in and enjoy the water, to the downtown historic city center, Trieste is a place worth stopping for days if not weeks while you are on holiday in Italy. It’s not often spoken about when people visit Italy, but Trieste deserves its time as it should always be considered a heaven on earth.

Burt Wolf describing how Trieste was part of the Austrian Empire for years.

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