Wonder Woman & Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter is most well known for her role playing Wonder Woman between 1975 and 1979 on CBS. She is perhaps the most iconic image of Wonder Woman to date. Ms. Carter’s life has been remarkable; she spent time studying at Arizona State University before becoming Miss World USA 1972 and leaving the university to begin a music career where she mostly performed in San Francisco and Reno.

It is perhaps her role as Wonder Woman and her personal beliefs that come together so well for being an iconic Wonder Woman. Ms. Carter has been a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ community. Wonder Woman, as a comic book character, was influenced by the ideas of Margaret Sanger, who is best known for being the pioneer of birth control. Sanger popularized the term “birth control” and opened the first birth control clinic in the US. This is was on October 16, 1916 in Brooklyn, New York; more than 100 years ago.

Wonder Woman was first released as a comic book character in 1942. I think the feminist iconicism of Wonder Woman is still relevant, perhaps more relevant than ever in an era where we consider how archaic rules against women’s bodies take center stage in national debates. We need strong voices who represent Wonder Woman, like so many women in our lives.

Lynda Carter was also Miss World USA 1972.

“No one could take advantage of her.” – Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman, 1942

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