Lake Wörthersee, Austria

A lake of stunning quality located in the south of Austria, in the state of Carinthia, is Wörthersee. Growing up, when visiting my mother’s hometown of Klagenfurt, we would often go to this lake. Nicknamed “Austria’s Monte Carlo,” this lake lives up to that name and more.

I have such fond memories of the beauty of this lake that I am quite sure it will always remain in my mind as one of my favorite places in the entire world. Please make sure to include a few days in your trip to Austria to enjoy this lake, as it surely is much more than a one day stop.

The lake’s surrounding area has many activities to engage in, there are many spas and resorts, as well as a casino. The area is also very family friendly, so there is something for everyone; the lake’s climate is Mediterranean which makes it nice and warm. The largest car show in Europe for Volkswagen and Audi has been held every year there since 1981, Wörthersee GTi-Treffen. I think there is really no better place for a summer getaway!

You will certainly see race cars and roses at Velden Castle!

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