Nature Photography: A Rosy Experience

“Stop and smell the roses.”

So often that’s said, but do we really? Much of our lives are spent chasing after something – rarely do we take a moment and consider if what we are chasing after is existentially our calling. By calling, I mean, is it inherently what drives us and makes us feel most alive? Isn’t that what life is all about? Or do we pursue archetypes of success that don’t actually satisfy our souls because we want to take the path of least resistance?

Very few people in my life know that nature photography is one of my greatest joys. I think capturing nature on camera is such a pure and deeply spiritual thing to me. It’s very sad that so much of our nature is in danger. Conservation efforts do need to be taken more seriously and this starts at the community level, as well on a broader geopolitical scale. I think fighting for nature is one of our life’s greatest imperatives.

These are the basic facts of climate change and we need to keep them top of mind:

Human beings are causing climate change, largely by burning fossil fuels.

Rising temperatures correlate almost exactly with the release of greenhouse gases.

We know exactly what we have to do — keep fossil fuels in the ground and quickly transition to 100% renewable energy.


There is a fight to be had for nature. It’s time to take the environment more seriously than it’s been taken and this starts at community levels. Everything starts with awareness, so take a moment to follow the nonprofits linked below to stay abreast of the latest in climate change news.

Try getting involved at the community level and learn about what your city is doing to improve community resilience and see how you can make changes that are in your immediate scope of power – reusable shopping bags and water bottles to start at the least. And remember: stop to smell the roses and all flowers. We have stopped paying attention to nature, so what happens when nature stops paying attention to us?

United Nations Climate Change

R20: Austrian World Summit

The Nature Conservancy


World Wildlife Fund

National Geographic

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

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