Chic Spot: The Madonna Inn

Perhaps California’s most unique getaway destination, The Madonna Inn of San Luis Obispo has historically provided guests with unparalleled experiences since 1958. A frequent wedding destination, weekend getaway adventure, and photography mecca, The Madonna Inn provides a unique flavor of California living. It’s especially fabulous for Valentine’s Day!

The style of the resort borders on comically gaudy, but it does provide guests with a comprehensive resort experience (this includes a spa). With San Luis Obispo being the backdrop for the resort, there is extensive opportunity for activity beyond the property. The Madonna Inn is California style at its finest, and here at Rosy BVM, the Inn’s appreciation for the color pink and copious amounts of roses throughout the property is exactly what we seek in lifestyle experiences.

The Cave Man room is The Flintstones come to life.
Its famous pink tennis courts…
The Madonna Inn’s famous pink champagne cake.
Dinner for Valentine’s Day is ideal at the resort.

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