Madame Alexander: A Rosy Tradition of Excellence

Blooming Rose #28470

“Love is in the details.” -Madame Alexander

The Alexander Doll Company was founded by Beatrice Alexander in New York City in 1923. Her stylish dolls were fashioned to be of famous personalities and characters from books, films, and art. Historically, their “Cissy” style doll is the first fashion doll which preceded the Barbie doll four years before Barbie’s release in 1959. It’s undeniable that Madame Alexander has shaped the history of dolls. Most notably, the dolls are well known for representations of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind.

Madame Alexander has an array of doll styles: baby dolls, Disney themed dolls, but they are most notable for their 8″ collectible “Wendy” doll who comes in countless different character offerings, and skin and hair colors. My first Madame Alexander “Wendy” doll was “Victorian Marigold,” a fabulous doll stylized after the Victorian era, lace bonnet et al. The beautiful garden themed “Blooming Rose” was gifted to me shortly after. I have (ever since) an undying passion for collecting these gorgeous dolls and sharing what a positive impact they can have – on girls and boys alike.

Madame Alexander and a doll version of her

Recently, they transitioned their online web store to an Amazon Store found here. These dolls can also be found in select stores in your area (check the map on their website for spots near your home), as well as eBay, where you can go about finding some of the older editions of the collectible dolls.

Madame Alexander Cissy dolls (circa 1958) for purchase from Theriault’s, the prominent appraisal and auction house for antique dolls in the US.

Madame Alexander dolls are a treasured tradition, and I think appreciating their historical value and realizing how they are a collectible to keep for years to come, there is true value in them. They are a gift to be given and a gift to receive. These are timeless dolls that should not be undervalued.

Girls and boys alike!

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