Beauty Spot: Organic Shimmer (SF & LA)



One of the largest barriers, perhaps the largest barrier, for the spray tan industry is the chemical formulas that are downright unhealthy and unnecessary, especially when the look is less bronze and more Crayola orange.  Personally, I’ve never had a spray tan, and I am perfectly happy with my fair complexion, but after stumbling across this brand based out of San Francisco, and now the hippest bronzing spot in Los Angeles, I thought I’d spread the word further.

In a short time, Organic Shimmer has acquired quite the following from models like Mara Teigen to Lindsey Pelas to former Miss California USA Mabelynn Capeluj, all of these ladies have been worshiping Organic Shimmer’s all-natural spray tan formulas.  Best of all, the look is actually quite bronze in the right way.  Whether you are in SF or LA, this is definitely the go-to place to bronze if you simply must get a spray tan for a special event.  A good rule of thumb though: never go for a first time immediately before your event, and make sure that the shade you choose is ideal for your skin shade.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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