Only love for Omo, an Instagram pup

If you are close with me, I have probably mentioned to you about how I avidly follow a miniature chihuahua on Instagram (@machi5536) named Omo and she resides in Tokyo, Japan (I think).  Omo is the funniest pup on Instagram by a long shot (I’m serious), but I’m not a huge fan of the effort that Omo’s owner takes in dressing Omo and her companion in silly outfits, but I will admit, it’s still amusing.  Nonetheless, Omo’s personality is so vibrant and so adorable that she is a little ray of sunshine in my Instagram feed everyday, that I truly enjoy every moment of.  Whoever Omo’s owners are, I am grateful that you have shared little Omo in all of her adorable hilarity to the world.  We love it.  #ILoveOmo


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