How to give your lashes a break, day and night…

What is the best way to give your lashes a break?  Finding a fabulous red shade of lipstick of course!  If you’re feeling like now is a good idea to put down the mascara wand (it’s actually never a bad idea) and are thinking about giving those lashes a break, go ahead and find a red lipstick to offset the less voluminous look of your lashes!  Personally, I am a firm believer in natural lashes – that doesn’t just mean “natural looking,” I’m talking about natural natural, as in you do not have falsies permanently attached or glue on falsies.

Follow this link to Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick shade finder for all skin tones, it’s a great help for visualizing the full range of colors that can match great with your skin tone, as well as identifying the right shade of red for you!

At the moment, I am currently loving “Best Red” by Milani – all of their lipsticks are vegan and cruelty free, and smell SO good!  It is a matte shade, so I would recommend a dab of lipgloss in the center of your lips after applying, if you’re not super into the matte look like myself.  I love that it has great staying power, and I always get compliments on it when I wear it to work or out of the office.

One the lash front, there are great, natural remedies to improve lash growth, even when your lashes are doing great, it doesn’t hurt to use the following remedy (Carli Bybel has a great step by step video of how to mix the oils together).  If you use the mixture described in Bybel’s YouTube video or just use pure castor oil that you brush onto your lashes in the evening, I can say with confidence, you will see a difference!  My lashes have stayed long and healthy when I have kept up with applying oil and was light with my mascara.  As the holiday season begins, welcome the red lips!

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